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Posted by James Grande

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After three years away from my music… I’m back.

What’s up everybody? It has been a long time since I’ve actively been writing, recording, and performing. In fact… It’s been about three years!

As many of you know I was extremely sick from undiagnosed Lyme disease. It really knocked me down and there was a point where I truly thought I’d never be able to play guitar again. So you can imagine how damn good it feels to be back on stage perfecting my craft.

After THREE YEARS of being unable to play the guitar, exercise, or live a normal life… I’m back! And you can bet your ass that I’m gonna bring it. I’m ready to show the Rhode Island music scene what I’m all about. As you can imagine, three years of no new music has left me with an outdated album and old videos that I sporadically put together when I was feeling well enough to play. So I think it’s time we fix that.

I look forward to revisiting my journey as a professional musician with you all. I hope you enjoy the ride. First order of business – Let’s get to recording. See you next week with a new video.