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Many people know that I am a professional musician who performs quite a bit. What most folks don’t realize is that I am also a part-time marketing consultant who takes on various marketing + PR projects when opportunities present themselves.

Yes, it definitely is a bit different from the average musician (full-time musician, part-time marketer, sounds like an oxymoron!)

But I wouldn’t be a successful musician if I wasn’t a skilled marketer… Feel free to check out some of my work!

Grande Media was founded by James Grande, a professional musician with extensive experience working in the field of marketing.

Having spent three years working for iHeartRadio, James began utilizing his hands-on experience creating integrated marketing campaigns for multiple Clients to further his career as an aspiring musician.

He is now a full-time musician performing over 250 shows per year across Southern New England. His ability to understand brand awareness and driving revenue landed him multiple opportunities as a musical ambassador for companies like Carnival Cruise Lines and Fat Face International. 

After James’ workload grew as a full-time musician and part-time consultant, it became clear that the business expansion required additional resources to maintain it’s efficiency.

In addition to his experience working in marketing, James had been involved in mentorship roles throughout his career in Human Services, which led to the development of the Grande Media Professional Development Internship Program. This constantly evolving project enables James to provide career training and counseling to entrepreneurial college students who strive to live life outside the nine to five.

Each intern is provided a workload that focuses on goal setting, the development of new skills, and tangible results for the student, Grande Media, and its exclusive list of Clients.

As of Spring of 2018, Grande Media’s primary focus lies with Thriving Musicians, an evolving social network and brand that is in the midst of being created for aspiring and professional musicians.



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