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Posted by James Grande
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One Year With Carnival!

One year ago today I started my job working onboard one of Carnival’s Funships. I remember getting on the plane and leaving my family and friends and wondering what I was getting into. Here I am into my third contract and I couldn’t be happier. People always ask me: Do you hang out with the crew onboard? The answer quite simply is.. of course!

It takes a certain type of person to venture into the unknown by themselves. Living in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of strangers sounds crazy. Quite frankly it doesn’t just sound crazy… It is crazy! And that’s why everyone who works onboard a cruise ship gets along so well. We are all like minded people. Adventurers, creative minds, world travelers… we are all searching for something similar. In that search we are fortunate enough to find people who are just like us. I’ve never felt so ‘home’ away from home before in my life. We live together, work together, and create new experiences together. The bonds onboard a ship grow so much faster than on land due to the environment we find ourselves in. And the best part of it all is that these friendships seem to remain intact as time goes by. And as one ship turns to two, three… the family tree seems to grow with it.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

I feel truly blessed to be surrounded with such exceptional people. Here’s to more great experiences with you all!


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1001980_10152159468337794_9155170387901762688_n 10291080_10154018437240012_2024437855716220921_n

10534430_10202774508109313_8074117526995162232_n 10347716_10101192448809964_3733279016969739020_n 10354080_2542330995460_2895182190625293964_n 10451141_10101333215736914_7890807117153230977_n 10245440_10202774506789280_6447659023875713916_n IMG_0403 1532030_10101221212098104_5036429872517172053_o 10676211_734930216562150_480383715323210306_n

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