Newport This Week 


“The path one follows to become a full-time musician is sometimes anything but a straight line. When this week’s featured musician got sidelined with a debilitating illness, he refused to give up. And today, he is reaping the rewards of his perseverance. Meet James Grande.”

Source: Newport This Week Article 2016 

The Good 5 Cent Cigar 

“One University of Rhode Island alumnus has spent the last few years traveling the world entertaining people with his music, and now plans on creating a program to help other artists achieve stardom.”

“James Grande, acoustic rock singer and songwriter, graduated from the university in 2008 with a major in communication studies. After getting his heart broken at age 15, he picked up the guitar and began writing his own songs. Over time, he has learned that he loved performing, interacting with an audience, and making people laugh.”

Source: The Good 5 Cent Cigar Article 2016 

Fox News 


“If you’ve ever had the sneaking suspicion that someone is looking over your shoulder while you’re on your computer mid-flight, take note—they probably are. But it can be pretty difficult to catch someone in the act.”

Source: Fox News Travel Article 2015 



“There’s no shortage of ways for the other passengers on a plane to annoy you. They can remove their shoes and socks immediately after they take their seats. They can buy an oversized tuna sandwich and unwrap it when the flight reaches cruising altitude. Or they can lean in your direction, trying to read everything on your computer screen..”

Source: Usa Today Article 2015 

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The Narragansett Times




“Narragansett’s James Grande and Steven GB of California form a unique musical partnership.”

Source: The Narragansett Times